What is qi?

What is qi?To understand qigong, you must first understand the nature of qi. Qi is the energy or natural force that fills the Universe. There are three main types of qi. Heaven (heaven, or the Universe) corresponds to the Heavenly qi (Tian qi), consisting of forces acting on the Earth by the heavenly bodies - such as the light of the Sun and moon, as well as the influence of the moon on the sea and tides. The earth is Earthly qi (di qi), which suffers the influence of the Heavenly qi, absorbing it. Man meets Man qi (Ren qi), which is influenced by the previous two types of qi. In ancient times, the Chinese believed that Heaven qi controls the weather, climate and natural disasters. When this balance of qi is disturbed, it tends to restore the balance. Then the wind picks up, pouring rain, and sometimes to restore equilibrium requires even storms and hurricanes. Heavenly qi also has an impact on Human qi; such disciplines as divination and astrology, are trying to establish the laws of this influence. Under Heaven qi is the Earthly qi, which is dependent on it. For example, heavy rainfall may cause flooding or exit the river banks. The lack of rain will lead to drought. The Chinese believe that the Earth qi consists of power lines -- as well as the Earth's magnetic field and its internal burning layers. These energies must be balanced, in order to avoid such phenomena, such as earthquakes. When the qi of the Earth is balanced, animals and plants can thrive and exist. Every person, animal or plant has its own field of qi, which always strives to maintain equilibrium. Loss of this balance leads to disease, death and decay. You must understand that everything in nature, including humans, lives and develops under the influence of natural cycles of Heaven and Earth qi. Since you are part of this nature (Tao), you need to understand Heaven and Earth qi. This will allow you to regulate themselves, it is more efficient to adapt to the natural cycle, and to protect against natural negative impacts. This is the main goal of qigong. Thus, in order to live a long and healthy life, it is necessary to achieve harmony with the natural cycles, and avoid negative impacts. The Chinese studied the nature for thousands of years. Some information about natural cycles found in ancient Chinese books, of which the most famous is the "I Ching" (Book of Changes). You must remember that nature is the constant repetition, and through careful observation you can find lots and cycles that exist in the balancing field qi. For thousands of years the Chinese have studied the relationship of things in nature. focusing on man and his environment. From this experience emerged a variety of qigong exercises designed to achieve circulation of the human qi is in harmony with natural cycles. They help avoid the pain caused by weather or seasonal changes. The Chinese also discovered that the practice of qigong helps to enhance the circulation of qi and slow down the destruction of the body, bringing not only health, but also longevity. This discovery greatly stimulated further research..

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