Who comes to the Internet?

Who comes to the Internet?Who comes to the Internet? In the Internet come only the best representatives of mankind. To this conclusion, according to the Agency UPI(United States), came from researchers at the University of Maryland, who for months tried to answer the question: develops if the Internet people some special quality, or Vice versa - people with these qualities are more likely to use the Internet? Researchers are more inclined to the second trend, but the final, scientifically proven expecting to receive only to fall. However, it is now established that in the Internet come the most open, tolerant, trusting, optimistic minded and educated people. They are more inclined to support the desire of women to non-traditional roles in society, and insist that the library was completed not only popular books. In parenting issues Internet users adhere to the majority of opinion that children need to learn independence, and not obedience. They support the idea of sexual education in schools, do not approve the establishment of birth control for teenagers, more tolerant of homosexual and premarital sex, but sex in adolescence and marital infidelity are much less tolerant than the control group. Internet users condemn everything that may affect the freedom of expression. They are more knowledgeable in matters of business, law and science. Researchers believe Internet users more cosmopolitan than other people. Not found no relationship between Internet use and interracial marriage, and the desire for more liberal divorce laws. Internet users and ordinary citizens, on average, equally apply to the death penalty. Interestingly, according to the researchers, their results are not affected by the fact that previously was considered an important factor to explain the above differences: namely, the fact that Internet users consist of the young and more educated members of society. These demographic data were inspected and found to not affect the overall picture..

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