In Australia created ultra-thin endoscope for microsurgeons

In Australia created ultra-thin endoscope for microsurgeonsNew ultra-slim endoscope will allow doctors to perform under visual control microsurgical operations under the control eyes. In the base of the optical fiber, the thickness of which is only half-millimetre. The prototype device has already been created by Australian scientists, it is possible to investigate even the cavity of the inner ear or thin vessels. The main purpose of ultrathin endoscope was the need for visual observation of the process of cochlear implantation, when the electrodes are inserted into the inner ear to zvukovosprinimajushchy cells. This operation helps in many cases to fully restore hearing to deaf people, but the installation without supervision often presents a significant challenge. The principle of operation of the endoscope on a single optical fibre is that it has been done many tiny holes, through which the trapped light is not diffused in the light guide and output recreates the image in front of the endoscope tissues. To create such fibers scientists first have drilled holes 112 in vosmisantimetrovuyu plastic workpiece, and then pulled her to the thickness of the entire half-millimetre. Work on creation of the endoscope performed scientists under the leadership of Martin van Eijkelenborg (Martijn van Eijkelenborg) from Sydney cochlear implant centre. While the image of the new device is quite rough, but the inventors hope to improve its quality, making up thousands of light holes. After this you will proceed to the practical use of the device. The story of this work posted on the pages of the magazine New Scientist..

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