The results of in medicine and biology

The results of  in medicine and biologyThe results of 2002 in medicine and biology This year was the "year of the clone". Eight research groups around the world are trying to create a cloned child - and there is a chance that by December 31, that someone will succeed, he said before a U.S. congressional Committee. the year 2002 was marked and unprecedented success in genome analysis. First quality "a genetic drawing mice, published in December, according to geneticists, will help to decipher the secrets of our own genes. "For the first time we have the opportunity to see ourselves in the mirror of evolution," said one of the leading researchers. As noted today, New Scientist throughout 2002, more and more countries have adopted laws prohibiting human cloning, however, further legislative attempts to curtail these activities on an international scale until the case goes. Only a couple of months before the international group of over a hundred specialists from nine countries, revealed the complete genetic codes of two organisms that work together to annually kill more than two million people: the most deadly of the malaria parasite and the mosquito, its carrier. The result will be the emergence of new drugs, insect repellents, insecticides and vaccines. Last year, cannabis was the drug (in the beginning of 2003, the first medicines can be prescribed in the UK), announces the publication of the article, the translation of which is published Joy scientists calls and the fact that technically it became possible to face transplantation. One of the plastic surgeons in the UK has announced that by mid-2003, will become technically possible full face transplantation, and in the laboratory has already grown from cells functioning substitute penis, even the mouse. Meanwhile, experts are concerned that the year 2000 showed that because of the virus, mad cow disease, they will have to revise the forecast for the future existence of mankind. In addition, the past year has been a space for vaccine development against Alzheimer's disease, New Scientist reports today. In addition, the concern of specialists is the fact that in October in France was interrupted work on the test "miracle" method of gene therapy of children suffering from the deadly disease "bubble boy", immunodeficiency caused by genetic changes in the stem cells of the bone marrow in the treatment of the boy-patient developed leukemia. Source:

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