Soy reduces libido in women by percent

Soy reduces libido in women by  percentVarious soy supplements could negatively affect normal sexual behavior. They reduce libido by about 70 percent. This is evidenced by the results of the experiments conducted in rats. Recently becoming more popular Fyodorovka, including soy. They advertise as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. The researchers decided to test whether they are safe. Animals were given available soy supplements in doses that are usually recommended for women. As it turned out, soy can have a negative side effect. Researchers have proposed a number of assumptions, the components of soy, interfering in the work of sex hormones, may affect the molecules of the brain. Other studies also confirmed the inhibitory action of the components of soy in relation to estrogen. Some components of soybean its composition is close to the molecules of estrogen, the female sex hormones, the deficiency of which leads to age-related changes - sagging skin, loss of hair, the appearance of excess weight. This is why soy supplements have recently become so popular. New Scientiest (translation Inopressa.Ru).

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