HIV infection

HIV infectionDoctors agree that AIDS is the first truly global epidemic, which by its size overrides all together epidemic, which has moved mankind throughout its development. No wonder that the disease has been called "the Plague of the XX century". HIV infection (AIDS) revealed fairly recently. The first reports of the patients, whom were young men, gay, began to appear in 1979. In 1983 professors Montagnier (France) and Gallo (USA) opened the virus, and in 1984 established the first laboratory system to detect the disease. The AIDS epidemic is rapidly traveled on the planet: in the mid-90s their infected were already all over the world, to the beginning of the XXI century each 200-th American become a carrier of this infection, and in some African countries are already infected every fifth. According to forecasts of the world Health Organization the number of patients by 2017 will be 35-45 million people (as of August 1999 in the world are infected and sore, about 20 million people). Initially, the disease called AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), was later renamed HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), and the name AIDS was decided to keep only the final stage of the disease. Causes this terrible disease two types of oncoviruses, called Immunodeficiency Viruses type I and II. In 95% of cases of isolated virus type I. The essence of the disease is that the virus penetrates into the body, slowly but surely, kills cells supports the immune system, causing, in the end, the full depletion of the immune system. People die from simple infections: acute respiratory infections, colds, flu, inflammation of the lung or tumors in the lymph and circulatory systems. To catch AIDS nowadays is very simple. This can happen in our Russian conditions: 1. When injecting drugs using shared syringes or drug users infected with HIV. The likelihood of infection by a single injection of 95%. When homosexual acts between men or anal sex with HIV - infected women. The probability of infection as a result of one sexual intercourse 50% (1 infection in 2 of the sexual act). 2. During normal intercourse (male to female) probability of infection of 1% (1 infection per 100 sexual acts). A particular hazard sex with cheap prostitutes in large Metropolitan areas, port and border cities, and, in addition, in countries hard-hit by the AIDS epidemic. (Africa, Brazil, Thailand). 3. When blood transfusions. The probability of 95-96%. Infected the majority of people who often blood transfusions (hemophilia). 4. When using contaminated with a virus surgical, gynecological and other medical instruments. 5. For the transplantation of organs and tissues from AIDS patients 6. When artificial insemination (extra-corporeal fertilization) - children from the tube. 7. From mother to child during pregnancy through the placenta and breast feeding through milk. Fortunately, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is not transmitted by blood-sucking insects. The fact that human infection need of 0.1 ml of blood, stomachs same insects can accommodate only half of the required dose. On the territory of the former USSR, the probability of infection of patients with blood transfusions, for example, during surgical operations. The fact that we have because of the poverty of health to identify AIDS in individuals who are taking blood (donor) use cheap techniques to identify the infection only when in response to her protective immune cells called antibodies. And antibodies in AIDS disease appear a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 5 years from the moment of infection. In developed countries, the diagnosis can be put in a few days from the moment of infection - "their" methods reveal itself viral particle, and not antibodies. Given that in paragraphs blood we hang out socially disadvantaged people (alcoholics, drug addicts, migrants and IDPs), to expect from such blood can be just anything. So will give You a tip: if You or Your family in danger of operation, that in no event it is impossible to use the services of dubious individuals who offer cheap to buy their blood. You need to donate or ask relatives. Also need to arrange for the blood to YOUR blood got Your family member. It is known that many institutions have "free" medicine revealed fairly neglect sterilization of medical instruments. Ideally, after using the tools, according to the instructions of the Ministry of health, soak for one hour in 20% ethanol. The second stage sterilization is the use of dry-heat cabinets - large metal boxes, in which at temperatures hundreds of degrees hot dry air tools are disinfected. But again, because of hopeless poverty, government hospitals do not always have high-quality dry-heat-in wardrobes, designed to destroy the AIDS virus. If we talk about commercial medicine, in pursuit of big money and here many people forget about the safety of patients. So good, that if in a medical institution use disposable medical instruments. The lifespan from infection until death is on average 5 to 8 years, and in some countries of Africa 10-12 years.

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