Phimosis, paraphimosis

Phimosis, paraphimosisPhimosis - congenital lengthening and narrowing of the foreskin. There are two forms: 1. Hypertrophic phimosis - congenital "proboscis-like" lengthening and narrowing of the foreskin, which easily occurs relapsing inflammation, impaired urination leads to the development of a vicious circle and increase the size prepucialna bag often with simultaneous shortening of the frenulum. 2. Atrophic phimosis - narrowing of the foreskin when age-related atrophy, sclerosis or chronic balance without prior hypertrophy. Differential diagnosis: physiological bonding the inner leaflet of the foreskin and the glans penis in young children. Not to split violently! Complications. Chronic balanoposthitis, pyelonephritis, cancer of the penis head, violations of sexual intercourse, paraphimosis. Treatment of phimosis - excision of the prepuce. The forecast is favorable. Paraphimosis - infringement of the glans penis retrovirology the foreskin. Complications: necrosis of the glans penis. Treatment: when the swollen head of the penis after five minutes of cooling to try to repairbot head. Upon failure - the dissection of the restraining ring on the back surface, and after the disappearance of the edema - excision of the prepuce..

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