Bread causes acne

Bread causes acneBread causes acne To cope with pimples, you should not limit fatty foods and chocolate, and refined carbohydrates, which in large quantities are included in the diet of modern man in the form of bread and cereals. As I think of American scientists, these carbohydrates trigger the body's biochemical processes that contribute to the reproduction of bacteria and the formation of blackheads. This study was conducted by a team of researchers from Colorado state University in Fort Collins (Fort Collins), led by Dr. Loren Cordain (Loren Cordain). Another researcher Neil Mann (Neil Mann) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology have now decided to test this theory in practice and to experience a diet low in carbohydrates. "Dermatologists will tell you that if you put the person on a diet with a low carb diet, you can see the improvement," said Dr. Mann. He, however, noted that the upcoming study will be the first controlled study. During a special diet for three months will receive 60 teenagers. Scientists will observe the effect. According to Dr. Cordain, there is a lot of evidence that hypothesis. She cites the example of Alaskans who suffered from acne before went to the traditional Western diet. Such can be seen now in some places of the world where food processing is minimized, for example, on some Islands Papua New Guinea. The story of the impending study appeared in the journal New Scientist. Source:

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