Bats are not as harmless as it seems

Bats are not as harmless as it seemsBats are not as harmless as it seems Bats are not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. Not only can they scare blond lovers to walk in darkness, but, discovering, to kill. Deadly will not bite and rabies virus, which will kindly give the person a bat... A resident of Scotland David Mack-ray was very fond of bats and spent all his free time with these mammals. However, this warm friendship ended very badly - bitten by a bat, David died on 24 November in the hospital in Dundee, Scotland. As determined by the doctors, the cause of his death was the rabies virus, which Mr. Mac-Rey had caught the mice. This is the first since 1902 case of human infection of this disease in the UK. During the life of David Mack-ray was a specialist in environmental and occupation have been in close contact with bats. In September of this year, the presence of the virus in these animals was recorded in the North of England, but this circumstance did not pay enough attention, I thought that the infection is unlikely. Experts then considered extremely low probability of close contact between sick mice and man. Meanwhile, 1977 in Europe there were three deaths from canine rabies among people engaged in the study of exactly bats. Until now it was thought that in the UK the disease is completely absent, thanks to the introduction in the beginning of XX century the restrictions on the importation of animals into the country, however, was that the English bats are dangerous to humans. It is not excluded that is infected with rabies bats occur not only in England but also in other countries, including in Russia. Source:

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