The new vaccine against tuberculosis was turned into a tablet

The new vaccine against tuberculosis was turned into a tabletThe new vaccine against tuberculosis was turned into a tablet Tiny pieces of bacteria that form edible vaccine that can help to reinforce a partial immunity to tuberculosis. The fact that the applied current BCG vaccine, developed in 1921, protects children from disease in younger years, but may not prevent disease in adulthood. According to who in the next 50 years is expected to be about 100 million new cases of TB v advantage among adults. Mark Dougherty and his colleagues from the Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen have developed a vaccine from molecules extracted from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Giving her the mice, the researchers found that by itself it does not cause an immune response. However, in animals that received BCG, but then lost the immunity, the vaccine was restored. Edible vaccine has several advantages v it is easily transported to remote locations for use there is no need for needles (the source of potential hazard in areas where the spread of AIDS). In addition, the vaccines of the parts of the bacteria is popular because not themselves can become a source of infection. However, there are difficulties. To achieve robust immune system, you may need additional doses of v oral route of administration of a vaccine not the most reliable. However, there are other common oral vaccines (polio and hepatitis b). Start clinical trials of a new vaccine in humans is expected in the next few years. To speed up testing may be the creation of a better TB diagnostics. Source:РљРњnews and Madlena.Ru.

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