Treatments for diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses

Treatments for diseases of the nose and paranasal sinusesHow is the injection into the nose of various powders in the hospital and at home? Blowing into the nose of various powders in the hospital or ENT Cabinet polyclinics produce poroshkovduwatel (insufflation). Metal or rubber tips are sterilized in the usual way. At home a small amount of powder (pinch) can be drawn into each nostril separately (pre-nose should be exempt from the allocation). How to infuse drops in the nose? Infusion of nose drops provide a pipette. Pre-nose clear. The patient sits with head thrown back or lying on your back without a pillow. Finger to pull the nose of the patient and buried drops, being careful not to touch the dropper wings of the nose. The patient then tilts his head towards the half of the nose, which produced backfill. Medication buried according to the dosage. If no children buried under 3-4 drops in each nostril, adults 6-7 drops. How to clean the nose of mucus, and pus? Cleaning the nose of mucus, and pus is dry cotton wrapped around the probe with the cuts. In the presence of crusts cotton wool moistened with a solution of sodium bicarbonate or liquid oils (vaseline, vegetable). You can also spray the alkaline solution through the spray into the nasal passages or rinse the nasal cavity of leechki. The water poured through the nasopharynx into the mouth and sprawyvaetsya patients. After washing of the nose of the patient must be alternately vismarkt each half. How is the irrigation of the nasal mucosa? Irrigation of the nasal mucosa alkaline (and other) solutions produced using a special spray guns or normal hygienic spray guns for personal use. To be atomised liquid before use, warm up slightly. How to carry out lubrication of the mucous membrane of the nose? At the end of the nose of smazawatee or ocular probe navertyvajut a small amount of cotton wool, put ointment on it and enter deeply into the nose. The probe is removed, the dry part of the cotton wool cover nostril. The patient remains in the supine position for 10-15 minutes. What you need for burning of the mucous membrane of the nose? For burns of the mucous membrane of the nose to stop bleeding apply in advance prepared so-called "pearl", which is stored in a test tube or other vessel of dark glass (or wrapped in dark paper). "Pearl" is prepared in the following way: in the spirit lamp in a porcelain crucible melt a small amount of crystalline silver nitrate and several times lower end of the nasal probe, which gradually formed a "pearl". Before cauterization of the bleeding places should be removed streamed blood, to accurately determine the site of bleeding and quickly burn it. The searing hypertrophied areas of the mucosa should be preceded by smearing them 3 - 5 % solution of cocaine with adrenaline for pain and anemizatsii. How is the removal of crusts from the nose? Remove crusts from the nose is carried out in atrophic rhinitis, Ozen. The most easy and painless can remove the crusts from the nose after the introduction into the nasal cavity soaked in vaseline oil sterile lump of cotton wool and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Peel then easily removed when blowing the nose or through the ear (crankshaft) of tweezers or forceps..

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