Influenza and SARS are preparing to attack

Influenza and SARS are preparing to attackIn risk groups - children, elderly people and doctors About the new onset of influenza and SARS said yesterday at a press conference the chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko. In Russia, the flu season has not yet started. But in the southern hemisphere epidemic rise has already passed, and we can make some predictions. In January-March this year circulated known influenza a viruses and influenza B viruses, such reference strains A/Panama, A/New Caledonia and B/Sichuan, B/Hong Kong. These viruses are circulating on the planet already 20-30 years, only slightly changing its genetic structure. According to forecasts, in the coming season will be to circulate the same serotypes of the virus. Читать полностью -->

Coffee will save smokers from heart attack

Coffee will save smokers from heart attackA study conducted by experts at Harvard University, showed that regular consumption of coffee can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes. Thus, the more a person drinks coffee, the less chance of getting sick. If a man drinks six cups of coffee a day, the risk of disease is reduced by 54% for women and 30%. Scientists all over the world, in total, spent more than 19 thousand studies on the effects of coffee on human health. According to the Research Center Coffee Vanderbilt University, regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of disease, Parkinson's disease, colon cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and gall-stone disease. In addition, smokers who drink coffee in large quantities (six cups a day), less likely to acquire cardiovascular diseases and liver disorders. Читать полностью -->

pharmaceutical manufacturer were in the "black list" of the Ministry of health

 pharmaceutical manufacturer were in the 8 December the Department for state control of drugs, medical products and medical equipment banned the production of medicines, 22 Russian manufacturers. Prohibited the sale is already made their drugs. Included in the list of enterprises did not eliminate violations of the rules of organization of production and quality control of drugs. About these violations, the Department has notified the manufacturer by letter of 29 September. It should be noted that the products of most of the listed companies are almost not present or are very weak on the Russian pharmaceutical market. The product of these manufacturers not in the list of national distributors. Читать полностью -->

Bow against "Viagra"!

Bow against Doctor of Turkey Ahmed Gunjan, doing research on medicinal properties of onion, came to the conclusion that the bow and drawing from it will be serious competition for such a popular drug "Viagra". Natural drug has few contraindications (such as diseases of the stomach and intestines, in which the bow is not recommended) and, accordingly, does not lead to complications. On arousing and tonic effect onion has long been known. Except as contained in Luke volatile production (destroy pathogens), there are a number of vitamins and various substances acting on the nervous and reproductive systems. Scientists believe that with the use of onions in the food he begins to act as an aphrodisiac because of its strong effects on the mucous membranes. ... Читать полностью -->

the Governor of Maryland has allowed sick people to smoke marijuana

 the Governor of Maryland has allowed sick people to smoke marijuanaThe Governor of Maryland Robert Ehrlich, Jr. signed into law, significantly reduces the punishment for Smoking marijuana seriously ill people, according to the Washington Post. Since October 1, anyone will be able to convince the court that he used the drug is "medically necessary", to alleviate symptoms of chronic or fatal disease, may be fined not more than $100. Lawyers believe that the new law will greatly facilitate the lives of seriously ill people and those who are forced to care for them. However, "ordinary" fans of weed, their passion can still cost $1 thousand fine and a year in prison. Although the practical use of the innovations may be minimal, important political aspect of this document. Читать полностью -->

the Red Cross with thousands of HIV-infected

the Red Cross with thousands of HIV-infectedAs recognized representatives of the red cross, thousands of employees of the organization are infected with human immunodeficiency virus. One of the leaders of the red cross Bernard Gardiner (Bernard Gardiner) noted that to help himself the Red Cross was forced to create a new Fund that will provide antiviral drugs employees of the organization. As explained Gardiner, Federation of the red cross has about 97 million employees and contractors. Of these, about 200 thousand suffer from AIDS. This is because the organization helps the population of those areas where its activities. Thus, if AIDS is widespread in the population, HIV-infected persons are at work in the Red Cross. Читать полностью -->

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