movies inspire teenagers Smoking

movies inspire teenagers SmokingResearchers from the Medical school dartmutskogo University reported that the Smoking man on the TV screen affects the propensity of adolescents to Smoking. In their work, scientists studied the effect of movies that have scenes of Smoking on young people who have never tried Smoking. In 1999, researchers interviewed children from 10 to 14. Then they showed 3.5 thousand people who had never tried Smoking. Again turning to him two years later, they learned that 10% of its former subjects began to smoke. Statistical analysis of collected data showed that the first case area comes the sooner, the more scenes area saw the man with the screen. Читать полностью -->

Without treatment, the risk of death after a heart attack increases by % per year

Without treatment, the risk of death after a heart attack increases by % per yearWithout treatment, the risk of death after a heart attack increases by 5% per year Although myocardial infarction (mi) is a very common pathology, relatively little is known about the 'natural' part of its course, in the absence of therapy. Such information could be useful when choosing a therapeutic strategy, noted Dr. Malcolm R. Law and his colleagues from the University of London. The researchers analyzed the results of 23 studies, covering 14211 patient who had a heart attack. In all studies, the observation period was completed by 1980, so participants did not receive highly effective therapy included in clinical practice later. Читать полностью -->

Abscess colocolostomy

Abscess colocolostomyABSCESS COLOCOLOSTOMY - purulent inflammation with the formation of the limited focus of decay in the tissues of the maxillofacial area. Etiology. Mixed flora, mainly strepto - and staphylococci. Infection source colourchoice and peregorodochnye inflammation and periodontal pockets. The pathogenesis is associated with the spread of infection in the surrounding soft tissues through the lymphatic and the venous bed or by resorption of the bone tissue. Symptoms. Читать полностью -->

Complex therapy of HIV infection are effective for babies

Complex therapy of HIV infection are effective for babiesComprehensive medication used to treat HIV-infected adults, effective for newborns, in whom the virus usually manifests itself more aggressively. Scientists of the medical faculty of the Massachusetts University of Massachusetts Medical School), examined data from 25 medical institutions in the USA, Puero Rico, came to the conclusion that the antiretroviral therapy by the children safe, effective and well tolerated by children for several years. In addition, it was found that children who began the complex therapy before the age of three months, the low concentration of HIV in the blood was maintained for a minimum of four years in two times more often than children who were treated at a later age. The assumption was that intensive medical therapy in the first year of life greatly facilitates the treatment of HIV infection as children get older. But scientists have not found confirmation of this hypothesis, noting that the virus can reactiviate at any time. The problem of treating HIV infection in newborns is relevant because every day the world is born about 2000 babies who received HIV from mother, 90 percent of these cases occurring in developing countries. Читать полностью -->

Fractures of upper end of humerus

Fractures of upper end of humerusWhat is the mechanism of fracture and the most frequent place of its location? The majority of the victims were elderly age; the mechanism of injury is a fall on the elbow, the shoulder area. Often there are fractures of the surgical neck of the shoulder, out of a large mound, at least - fractures of the anatomical neck. What are the clinical manifestations of fracture? Victims noted a sharp pain in the shoulder joint. Hand bent at the elbow and prijatelj the body, support healthy hand. The shoulder joint is increased in volume, there is determined a sharp pain on palpation and careful movements. Rarely you can feel the crepitation fragments. Читать полностью -->

All that facilitates the body, facilitates and soul

All that facilitates the body, facilitates and soulAll that facilitates the body, facilitates and soul The constipation. This heaviness in the stomach. And General discomfort. And loss of appetite. In short, life discomfort. We offer You this simple case, tested in people, absolutely safe recipe. Читать полностью -->

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