Soy reduces libido in women by percent

Soy reduces libido in women by  percentVarious soy supplements could negatively affect normal sexual behavior. They reduce libido by about 70 percent. This is evidenced by the results of the experiments conducted in rats. Recently becoming more popular Fyodorovka, including soy. They advertise as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. The researchers decided to test whether they are safe. Читать полностью -->

The results of in medicine and biology

The results of  in medicine and biologyThe results of 2002 in medicine and biology This year was the "year of the clone". Eight research groups around the world are trying to create a cloned child - and there is a chance that by December 31, that someone will succeed, he said before a U.S. congressional Committee. the year 2002 was marked and unprecedented success in genome analysis. First quality "a genetic drawing mice, published in December, according to geneticists, will help to decipher the secrets of our own genes. "For the first time we have the opportunity to see ourselves in the mirror of evolution," said one of the leading researchers. Читать полностью -->

In Australia created ultra-thin endoscope for microsurgeons

In Australia created ultra-thin endoscope for microsurgeonsNew ultra-slim endoscope will allow doctors to perform under visual control microsurgical operations under the control eyes. In the base of the optical fiber, the thickness of which is only half-millimetre. The prototype device has already been created by Australian scientists, it is possible to investigate even the cavity of the inner ear or thin vessels. The main purpose of ultrathin endoscope was the need for visual observation of the process of cochlear implantation, when the electrodes are inserted into the inner ear to zvukovosprinimajushchy cells. This operation helps in many cases to fully restore hearing to deaf people, but the installation without supervision often presents a significant challenge. The principle of operation of the endoscope on a single optical fibre is that it has been done many tiny holes, through which the trapped light is not diffused in the light guide and output recreates the image in front of the endoscope tissues. Читать полностью -->

Who comes to the Internet?

Who comes to the Internet?Who comes to the Internet? In the Internet come only the best representatives of mankind. To this conclusion, according to the Agency UPI(United States), came from researchers at the University of Maryland, who for months tried to answer the question: develops if the Internet people some special quality, or Vice versa - people with these qualities are more likely to use the Internet? Researchers are more inclined to the second trend, but the final, scientifically proven expecting to receive only to fall. However, it is now established that in the Internet come the most open, tolerant, trusting, optimistic minded and educated people. They are more inclined to support the desire of women to non-traditional roles in society, and insist that the library was completed not only popular books. In parenting issues Internet users adhere to the majority of opinion that children need to learn independence, and not obedience. They support the idea of sexual education in schools, do not approve the establishment of birth control for teenagers, more tolerant of homosexual and premarital sex, but sex in adolescence and marital infidelity are much less tolerant than the control group. Читать полностью -->

New weapon to fight obesity

New weapon to fight obesityResearchers from the University of Cincinnati USA have discovered a new property of one of the drugs previously used in patients with epilepsy - topiramate (topitamate). This drug has proven effective in the treatment of obesity caused by pathologically increased appetite. Average weight loss in patients over the course amounted to 5.9 kg, there was also a decrease in the intensity bouts of hunger. Russian hardcover. . . Читать полностью -->

American soldiers in Iraq are dying from heatstroke

American soldiers in Iraq are dying from heatstrokeThe strength of the U.S.-British coalition are in Iraq losses not only in clashes with the Iraqi resistance. According to the operative data of the press-service of CENTCOM (Central command of the U.S. armed forces), common on Sunday, on Saturday in the barracks of the 2nd infantry regiment was found dead American soldier. The cause of his death is still unknown. Is under investigation. As reported in other operational summary of CENTCOM, while patrolling in the area North of the city Hell-Diwaniya from sunstroke died of American soldiers. Читать полностью -->

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