Raw fish will save from asthma

Raw fish will save from asthmaRaw fish will save from asthma Even in the eighteenth century Jean-Jacques Rousseau called to be closer to nature, to the "natural state". Fleeing century, but the more technology becomes our life, the greater seems to be the mankind going crazy on raw food, not spoiled civilized kitchen. Proponents of the raw food diet believe that this way of eating allows you to absorb the nutrients intact. Say, under the influence of heat treatment of the energy value of food is fairly reduced. Long seen a number of healing properties of raw foods. So, raw eggs strengthen the vocal cords. Читать полностью -->


EmphysemaEMPHYSEMA is characterized by abnormal enlargement of the air spaces distal to the terminal bronchioles, which is accompanied by destructive changes of alveolar walls; one of the most common forms of chronic nonspecific lung diseases. Distinguish between primary (idiopathic) pulmonary emphysema, developing without previous lung diseases, and secondary (obstructive) emphysema is most often a complication of chronic obstructive bronchitis. Depending on the prevalence of emphysema may be diffuse or focal. Etiology, pathogenesis. There are two groups of causes leading to the development of emphysema. The first group consists of factors that violate the elasticity and strength of pulmonary structural elements: pathological microcirculation, edit the properties of a surfactant, congenital deficiency,-antitrypsin, gaseous substances (cadmium compounds, nitrogen oxides and others), as well as tobacco smoke, dust particles in the air we breathe. Читать полностью -->

The eyes and the computer

The eyes and the computerThe eyes and the computer *58r*Dangerous if computer monitors for the eyes of those who work with them? At present convincing evidence for this is lacking. However, given the increasing number of complaints about unpleasant sensations in the eyes after working on your computer, the problem of security monitors to view attracts a lot of attention. Research conducted in the public (non-commercial) laboratories in the United States indicate that levels are dangerous for the eyes ionizing (like x-rays) and non-ionizing (UV) radiation coming from the screen, quite low. For example, the level of UV radiation coming from the monitor is only a small part compared to the produced by fluorescent lamps. These doses of ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts even when exposed to throughout life. Sometimes after working on your computer there is a feeling of "painting" black and white subjects. Читать полностью -->

Men go to the urologist with thoughts about sex

Men go to the urologist with thoughts about sexPrelude to sex in the form of a hearty dinner and alcoholic beverages is considered mandatory, the vast majority of male patients urologists. It is found in a survey of experts of the Department of urology, Moscow state medical and dental University. As told to head of Department Professor Dmitry Pushkar, a written survey was conducted among residents of Moscow and Moscow region in age from 51 to 78 years, with sexual problems due to the different ailments of the prostate. There were distributed 344 questionnaires. After processing the obtained data revealed that many patients have complaints go directly to the doctor. Only 4% believe that the situation in the office really had to talk about intimate issues, and 77% of respondents generally gave the impression that the doctor was in a hurry. Читать полностью -->

Medical care for children will be different

Medical care for children will be differentMedical care for children will be different Stating that we are currently experiencing a quiet revolution in the system of care for children was released today, the Russian newspaper. Since 2002 children after 14 years ceased to translate from the pediatric clinic in the adult. Now up to 18 years, all teenagers will be assigned to children's hospitals. This is due to the changing ideas about childhood: immune, endocrine, psychological development of teenagers bad fit in adult settings. In an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" has commented on the situation, the Minister of health of the government of Moscow region, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Semenov. He said that the doctors of the children's network were largely ready for it, because talking about the increase in "childhood" was done a long time ago. Читать полностью -->

Predisposition to allergies passed from mother

Predisposition to allergies passed from motherFamily Allergy history is traditionally used to predict the probability of allergic diseases in children. Value burdened allergological anamnesis, as a precursor allergies often exaggerated. The number of allergic diseases erroneously referred vasomotor rhinitis, subarray dermatitis. In order to objectively determine the possible risk of allergies as a token you can use IgE levels in maternal blood (obtained from her umbilical cord during birth). Taiwanese scientists have identified a clear correlation between the concentration of IgE in the blood of the mother during childbirth and the concentration of the immunoglobulin in children. Later in children with elevated IgE often develop allergic diseases such as infantile eczema. Читать полностью -->

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