Cholesterol is shown, along with intelligence?

Cholesterol is shown, along with intelligence?Drugs that lower blood cholesterol and prevent heart attacks, can reduce the concentration and influence on the intellectual ability of the host to their patients. This was announced at a conference of the American cardiology in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Matthew Muldoon from the University of Pittsburgh. His study revealed that among users of these drugs, mortality rates from suicide and car katastrof above the average. However, according to Dr. Maldon, patients in no case should not abandon the prescription of medications, as the advantage of them exceed the potential risks. Читать полностью -->

Tobacco additives keep people on the hook

Tobacco additives keep people on the hookScientific studies have shown that due to some special additives cigarettes cause more addictive than others. For the first time, specialists were able to measure the number of the caller, super addictive "free" nicotine entering the body of the smoker with each smoked a cigarette. As with cocaine, "free" nicotine goes into a volatile fraction and quickly through the lungs into the blood. The fact that he very quickly gets into the brain, have allowed researchers to assume that addictive stronger than the usual nicotine. The research team of scientists from the University of Oregon health in Portland can help to make a classification of different brands of cigarettes, depending on the degree of addiction that they cause. The scientists compared the 11 cigarette brands available in America, and found that in some of them the percentage of "free" nicotine in 10-20 times more than previously thought. Читать полностью -->

The death toll from West Nile fever in the United States reached people

The death toll from West Nile fever in the United States reached  peopleThe death toll from West Nile fever in the United States reached 16 people On Friday the death toll from the epidemic of West Nile fever has reached 16 people, according to CNN, citing the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the United States. The latest victims of the infection began, two men from the cities of Atlanta and Columbus (Columbus) in the state of Georgia. Just in the United States are infected by 371 people. The greatest number of cases recorded in the state of Louisiana, where the virus struck by 171 people. On Friday, the first case of infection was reported in Nebraska. West Nile fever is caused by a virus, which is transferred by blood-sucking insects. Читать полностью -->

Vietnam is the world's first managed to curb SARS

Vietnam is the world's first managed to curb SARSThe head of the Department of infectious diseases who David Heymann Heymann said on Monday that the peak incidence of "severe acute respiratory syndrome (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - SARS) in Vietnam, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong passed, reports CNN. According to Heyman, the number of new cases of infection with the SARS virus in these countries is falling constantly. The first state, in which the epidemic is brought under control, was Vietnam. As reported by the who representative Pascal Brydon (Pascale Brudon), this result was possible due to many factors, primarily the rapid and adequate response and transparency. In Vietnam the number of people infected by the SARS virus has not increased since April 12, and is 63 persons, the number of deaths has reached five. At the same time, the situation in China remains difficult. Читать полностью -->

American irradiated times to check the x-ray machine

American irradiated  times to check the x-ray machineFather and son, worked in the company, which produces x-ray machines, are accused of irradiation of 11 people, which they checked their equipment, according to The New York Times. Among the "patient" Timothy (Timothy Telymonde) and Andrew Telemond (Andrew Telymonde) were two children. More other was irradiated 19-year-old girl, which Telemond made 50 radiographs. Under U.S. law, Telemond threatens both administrative and criminal responsibility, namely to 18 months imprisonment and a fine of just under a million dollars. 37-year-old Timothy Telemond, who previously headed the company, already found guilty on all charges, and the sentence will be announced him on 2 April. Читать полностью -->

"Chinese pneumonia" may be two of the pathogen

 The staff of the Center for disease control Atlanta (Centers for Disease Control) and the University of Hong Kong (University of Hong Kong) independently of each announced the discovery of a second virus, presumably associated with the notorious "Chinese pneumonia". It is possible that the causative agents of this disease, which killed 17 people all over the world, are two viruses simultaneously working on the same team.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

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