for the First time with the help of genetic engineering grown a fragment of the optic nerve

for the First time with the help of genetic engineering grown a fragment of the optic nerveAn important step in the development of technologies for vision restoration made by American scientists from Harvard medical school. They were able to grow a fragment of the optic nerve. However, to return when this vision is not yet managed. According to published Monday in the scientific press reports about the research, experts have found ways to control the mechanism of regeneration of the optic nerve. The effectiveness of the methodology to three times higher than similar developments in the area of solving the problem of returning the view. The experiments were conducted on rats. Читать полностью -->

dental X-rays leads to miscarriage

dental X-rays leads to miscarriageRegular x-ray examination, including frequent x-rays of the teeth, can cause an early abortion or the birth of children with low weight. This was reported by experts from the University of Washington. As shown by their research in women during pregnancy 3-4 times receiving 0.4 mGy of x-ray irradiation (namely, such a dose a person receives when radiography of the teeth), children with low weight are born in 3.5 times more likely than the average population. In addition, similar effects on 5-6% increase the likelihood of early termination of pregnancy, i.e. miscarriage. "According to our calculations, a complete rejection of x-rays (of course, except in those cases where they are essential during pregnancy will reduce the number of children with low weight at 5-6%," said Dr Philip Hall, head of the research group. Читать полностью -->

Diet spoil eyes

Diet spoil eyesScientists from two of the leading medical institutions in the USA found that unbalanced diet or diets are the cause of the syndrome of "dry eye" in women. In particular, the key role in causing this unpleasant disease play a wrong proportions of different fatty acids in the diet. In the study, 37 of thousands of women doctors watched what has changed habits in eating with the possible risk to the eye. It was found that the abundance in the diet of fatty acids of the omega-3, which is rich in fish and nuts, forms a good protection for the eyes. And fatty acids of the omega-6 contained in confectionery and vegetable fats and meat, on the contrary, increase the risk of syndrome of "dry eye". Women whose diet levels of fatty acids of the omega-3 was high, the risk of the disease syndrome of "dry eye" decreased by 20 percent, compared with those who ate small amounts of these acids. Читать полностью -->

Thick patients often become victims of forgetfulness doctors than thin

Thick patients often become victims of forgetfulness doctors than thinThick patients often become victims of forgetfulness doctors than thin In a recent study conducted by the two institutions at Harvard and Birmingham, were viewed by the history of almost three hundred underwent surgery patients, including fifty, in whose bodies during surgery were accidentally left in different "objects". In the end it turned out that almost 75% of patients in the organisms which were "foreign body", suffered from overweight. It is noteworthy that, although in the UK is the rule in almost any hospital after surgery to recalculate all surgical instruments in order to ensure that none of them is forgotten inside the patient's body, such cases still occur. Source: Solvay Pharma. . . Читать полностью -->


HepatosisHEPATOSIS - liver disease characterized by degenerative changes of the parenchyma without the expressed mesenchymal cell response. There are acute and chronic hepatosis, among the latter-fat and cholesta-cal. Steatosis acute (toxic liver dystrophy, acute yellow atrophy of the liver and other). Etiology and pathogenesis. Acute steatosis develops in toxic liver disease - severe poisoning by phosphorus, arsenic, high doses of alcohol, and some medications (tetracycline, extract of fern and others), inedible mushrooms - morels, pale grebe, etc. Sometimes acute degeneration of the liver complicated by viral hepatitis and sepsis. Читать полностью -->

Immaculate conception will give "ethical" stem cells

Immaculate conception will give Physiological processes that lead to the immaculate conception, can be a source of embryonic stem cells. The researchers hope to get so human stem cells and animal experiments suggest that they will be indistinguishable from normal stem cells. When parthenogenesis in the unfertilized egg are two sets of chromosomes and she begins to develop, as if it was fertilized. Thus we can reproduce some insects and reptiles, and electrical or chemical stimulus can cause parthenogenesis in mammals (although usually born in the calf dies in a few days). In this case, according to supporters of the method, and is "the beauty of the approach" v thus obtained embryos that will never become normal people. Therefore, killing these embryos for stem cells, it is possible to avoid acute ethical problems, which resulted in restrictions sludge ban on the use of embryonic stem cells in most countries. Читать полностью -->

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