The infarction

The infarctionThe INFARCTION is a disease caused by embolism or thrombosis of the branches of the pulmonary artery (mainly equity and smaller arteries). Believe that the infarction develops in 10-25% of cases of pulmonary embolism (PE). Etiology, pathogenesis. The basis cause of the disease is often thrombosis of the veins of the systemic circulation (lower extremity, pelvic, iliac, inferior Vena cava, and so on), much less is thrombosis of the right cavities of the heart. To the development of peripheral phlebothrombosis predispose surgery, postpartum, chronic heart failure, fractures of long tubular bones, malignant tumors, prolonged immobilization (in particular, in bed). To thrombosis of vessels of the lungs are stagnation and slowing of blood flow in the lungs, stable pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary vasculitis. Читать полностью -->

Monkey pox spreads among people

Monkey pox spreads among peopleThe number of reported U.S. cases of monkey pox has reached 50. All the cases noted in the States of Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and new Jersey. In connection with the spread of infection in 15 States sanitary-epidemiological service are examined rodents that spread this disease. Physicians reported that in the country of the Gambia were introduced about 50 exotic rats, which, presumably, has infected the local home marmots (Prairie dogs), spreading the infection. Читать полностью -->

Malabsorption syndrome

Malabsorption syndromeMALABSORPTION SYNDROME - a syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption. Clinical syndrome caused by disorders of absorption through the mucous membrane of the small intestine of one or more nutrients. Etiology and pathogenesis. Malabsorption syndrome can be primary (hereditary) or secondary (acquired). Etiology in each case different (absence or reduced activity of lactase, alpha-glucosidase, enterokinase and so on). Among hereditary disturbed intestinal absorption occur disaccharidase deficiency (lactase, saharasia, isomaltase), true celiac disease (intolerance to gliadin), failure enterokinase, intolerance monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, galactose), malabsorption of amino acids (zistinurija, disease Hartnup and others), malabsorption of vitamin B12 and folic acid, and so on, Secondary, or acquired, malabsorption, the companion of many chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines (pancreatitis, hepatitis, intestinal dysbiosis, intestinal infections of dyskinesia, Crohn's disease and others). Читать полностью -->

From SARS died already man

 From SARS died already  manThe number of victims of SARS on 21 may 2003 reached 662 people. The greatest numbers of deaths registered in China (294), followed by Hong Kong (253), Taiwan (52 people), Singapore (28), Canada (24 people). In Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand registered from 5 to 2 deaths. In hospitals of China from SARS continue treatment 5 248 thousand people in Hong Kong - 1 748 thousand people. 140 people with a diagnosis of "atypical pneumonia hospitalized in Canada.. . Читать полностью -->


PneumosclerosisPNEUMOSCLEROSIS - development in lung connective tissue as a result of nessecities (pneumonia, bronchitis) or specific (tuberculosis, syphilis) inflammatory process, as well as pneumoconiosis, prolonged stagnation in a small circle of blood (mitral stenosis, other heart disease), immunoallergic vasculitis. The formation of connective tissue cell is way less without the presence of cells (hyalinosis). The characteristic localization in areas of carnification nerazreshimaya pneumonia, during the outflow of lymph from the foci of inflammation around the lymphatic vessels, mealberry and bilobular-governmental partitions, peribronchial and perivascular tissue, zapustevanie capillaries and reduction of the capillary bed, Symptoms, duration depend on the underlying disease, with exacerbations which progresses and pneumosclerosis. Gradually decreases the respiratory surface of the lung, develop emphysema, there is a rearrangement of the lung tissue with the formation of bronchiectasis, there is obstruction of blood flow in a small circle with the formation of pulmonary hypertension. The combination of these changes is called pneumoconiosis. The clinical picture of pneumosclerosis (pneumoconiosis) is determined, thus, signs of complications: emphysema, destruction, etc. Читать полностью -->

Old kettles hazardous to health

Old kettles hazardous to healthWater boiled in the kettle old model, may cause or contribute to the development of allergies, experts warn. According to them, the Nickel particles of the coating of the heating elements can cause skin irritation. In a study conducted in Britain, it was found that the Nickel in the water from the old maker really is a risk, albeit low. "Actually, in this case, there is almost no danger, except for people who are overly sensitive to Nickel," said the head of the British drinking water Inspectorate Michael Rosin in an interview with Bi-bi-si. Nickel in water from the old maker really is a risk, albeit low. Inspection of drinking water tested eight kettles with spirals, of which only one floor of the heating element was made of stainless steel, as part of its coverage was not part of the Nickel. Читать полностью -->

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