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Diet and hypertension


Apr 3, 2021
Diet and hypertension

This disease is almost entirely dependent on food. The inhabitants of the industrialised countries, blood pressure increases with age, reaching many dangerous levels. This is not the case in underdeveloped countries, where consume little salt. There is a disease almost unknown. People at all times tried to get food quickly and easily, and underdeveloped (or just poor) community always had difficulties with meat, sugar, alcohol and salt. Becoming richer, we can afford to eat what I want, and people immediately move on to previously inaccessible food.

Diet and hypertension


Americans have a particular fondness for salt, consuming it at least 10 times greater than that required for the body. In all countries there are “empty food” – easy prigotovleniya, with a clearly pronounced flavor, cheap and often not nutritious. Crispy potatoes – just one example of such food. American products of this type is very much salt, but it is not with the technology of their preparation, and to the fact that Americans love salty food.


To some extent this happened historically. Before the development of the technology of freezing and canning, salting was one of the most easy ways of preserving food because microorganisms do not grow in the saturated salt environment. When in the early nineteenth century learned how to preserve the producers harvested already cool salted products. Unfortunately, this contributes to the preservation of not only products, but also a bad habit. Us food without salt seems tasteless. However, a person who never podsalvage food and not buying canned or cooked with salt foods, consume more salt than enough. Of course, not everyone who eats on the Western model, suffers from dangerously high blood pressure, but the trouble is that we still have no easy way to determine the sensitivity to salt.”

In most cases, the high pressure makes itself felt in middle age, so if you passed the 50-year milestone with normal pressure, trust that it will remain at this level, how much salt you consume..