Pathological loss of appetite does not lead to death

Pathological loss of appetite does not lead to deathAs shown by long observation, pathological loss of appetite (anorexia nervosa) is not the main cause of death in these patients. In the long-term (up to 63 years old) observation of patients with anorexia nervosa found that only 1 in 208 the death of the patient is connected directly with the consequences of starvation. It is difficult to interpret 2 suicides and several deaths from alcoholism v possible, the relationship of anorexia nervosa will be installed, according to a Mayo Clinic Proceedings. [] . . . Читать полностью -->

A major breakthrough in the fight against hair loss

A major breakthrough in the fight against hair lossA major breakthrough in the fight against hair loss A major breakthrough was achieved by the Japanese in the fight against hair loss: researchers from Hiroshima University have found a way to extend the hair cells. The fact that the growth of the hair lasts as long as these cells can divide. With age, this function is weakened, and some stops at all, and is formed baldness. The programmed cell death, and the role of molecular chronometer" counting down the time of their life, does the tail section of the chromosomes - the telomeres. Than they are shorter, the closer genetic cell death and wider thinned plot on top. Japanese scientists have restored the original size telomeres, i.e. Читать полностью -->

Hepatitis a is outside Nizhny Novgorod

 Hepatitis a is outside Nizhny NovgorodHepatitis a is outside Nizhny Novgorod, cases are recorded in nearby cities and towns. Become aware of two cases of hepatitis in the cities of Dzerzhinsk and the Princess of the Nizhny Novgorod region. As reported in the health Department of the Nizhny Novgorod region, more than 30 patients with hepatitis a were identified by physicians before in towns Large goat, Alesina Balakhna district. Experts believe that the centers of disease in this area are directly linked to an outbreak of hepatitis a in Nizhny Novgorod, as it is in the regional center contracted most people. Yesterday in hospital in Nizhny Novgorod with hepatitis And was delivered 41 people, including five children. Almost all new cases are in a state of moderate severity. Читать полностью -->

Caries tooth

Caries toothDental CARIES is a disease characterized by a progressive destruction of hard tooth tissues. The causative agent is Streptococcus mutans accumulating on the surface of the enamel, usually in the retention of places, in the form of soft plaque. The pathogenesis. Microflora of plaque damages the organic base enamel, which thus loses its ability to capture the mineral substrate. Formed carious defect. Resistance to decay is determined by the structure of the enamel, which depends both on the conditions of formation of the teeth, and the state of local immunity of the oral cavity. Читать полностью -->

Gastric intubation

Gastric intubationWhat is a gastric tube? Gastric juice to get research using a thin probe or buttondown methods. Thin gastric tube is a rubber tube with a length of 1-1 .5 mm in diameter 3-5 mm, One end of the tube rounded the blind, and the other outdoor. At the blind end has two side holes. At a distance of 40-45 cm from the blind end of the mark. A thin probe is long to remain in the stomach, giving you the opportunity to explore the gastric secretion in the dynamics. What pilot breakfasts are applied before the procedure gastric intubation? For the study of gastric contents prepare special trial breakfasts: 1) Breakfast zimnitsky (2 servings 200 ml of warm broth from bouillon cube or 1 kg lean meat, boiled in 2 l of water); 2) 7 % cabbage broth (Breakfast Petrova-RISSA): 20 g dry cabbage boiled in 0.5 l of water to volume of 300 ml, cooled to 32-33 'and filter. Читать полностью -->

Alexander hospital

Alexander hospitalAlexander hospital Pathological addiction to alcohol and drugs are just the tip of the iceberg. Invisible for the non-psychiatrist remains a number of reasons that cause a person to abuse alcohol, and drugs. It is assumed that the predisposing causes can be stress, bereavement, lack of love in childhood, genetic predisposition. The approach to treatment should only be psychosomatic Treatment always is designed individually, taking into account personal characteristics and physical condition of the patient. In our center the treatment takes place in two stages: Stage I - the Removal of physiological dependence, detoxification Detoxification takes place according to the method Ultrarapid in the shortest possible time. Stage II - the Removal of psychological dependence: sessions with a therapist the pressure chamber monitoring colon cleansing electrosleep chlorotoluene breath acupuncture hirudotherapy oxygen baths hydrotherapy. Читать полностью -->

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