The impact of the computer on human health

The impact of the computer on human healthThe impact of the computer on human health *57r*today there are numerous discussions, the impact of the computer? Is this harmful? And if Yes, how? More dangerous computer, TV, or does it harm no more than ordinary electronic clock? When working with a computer, unlike reading a book, when you can easily find a comfortable position, the person is fully dependent on the position of the display. In addition, the screen as a light source device is active contrast (paper - passive contrast), which is not so strongly dependent on light intensity and angle of incidence. The image on the screen is dynamically updated. Low refresh rate (regeneration) causes the flicker. Usually the person stares at the monitor screen. While ocular and intraocular muscles remain stationary, while they need in a dynamic mode. Читать полностью -->

Stress prolongs life

Stress prolongs lifeScientists believe that a certain type of stress can improve the immune system, fight depression and improve memory. This is because during stress, the adrenal glands, a special hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone, which is a positive effect on our state. According to a recent study, more than our body secretes these hormones, the better we cope with stress, stress. Therefore, those who have adrenal glands produce less dehydropiandrosterone, cope with stress, and they feel worse. The researchers decided to conduct one experience. Old and slow mice were injected dose of the hormone, then they became more active and started to run as fast as young mice. Читать полностью -->

Truth and speculation about the drink

Truth and speculation about the drinkTruth and speculation about the drink Drinking cocktails fashionable and good for health When discussing alcoholic beverages should rather not talk about that more useful, but that is less harmful. Cocktails in our and "them", classical, understanding different things. The notion of Europeans cocktail is a mild alcoholic drink, by degrees comparable with wine (alcoholic cocktails in Europe You will not find any). We have a mixture of all possible alcoholic beverages without taking into account their tastes and degrees. They have a cocktail this cocktail, we have the majority of the ruff. Because, the fewer degrees contains alcoholic drink, the easier it is for the body to process, properly made cocktail preferable spirits. Читать полностью -->

Small doses of stress can extend the life of

Small doses of stress can extend the life ofPeriodic stay in a state of stress, probably healthy, I think scientists from northwestern University, USA. Short-term stress releases a large number of molecules of chaperones that track the appearance of a damaged or improperly assembled proteins, the researchers said. The factors causing such stress, include fever, lack of oxygen, bacterial and viral infections, toxins, anything that changes the environment surrounding the cell. A protein called factor heat shock, "feels" stress and reacts, including genes responsible for the production of chaperones. In experiments on animals, researchers have discovered: when a factor heat shock was produced in insufficient quantity, the life expectancy was down when his production exceeded the norm - life was significantly extended. This is evidence that the factor heat shock beneficial effect on the organism as a whole. Читать полностью -->

Cardiositeru (with reference to Circulation

Cardiositeru (with reference to Circulation rapid access issue for July 21st);images/r88.jpg; 29.07.2003::Scientists have discovered the cause of heart disease human; An international team of doctors have identified a gene that is responsible for the emergence in humans of heart attacks. According to the statement of Dzhanavara Mehta, Professor of the center for cardiovascular surgery of the University of Arkansas, USA, people with abnormalities of the gene LOX-1 are at risk of heart attacks are three times more likely. However, according to doctors, the gene itself is not the cause of heart attacks. Doctors have conducted extensive studies in several countries among patients of different races. It turned out that this gene is universal for all population groups. About this unique discovery was announced at the Rome conference doctors USA, Japan and Italy. Читать полностью -->

Maternal affection prolongs life

Maternal affection prolongs lifeConstant physical contact between mother and child is one of the important factors contributing to the normal development of the newborn. This was reported by researchers from the University of Javeriana in Bogota (Colombia). Studying the characteristics of the organism premature babies, the researchers found that those who regularly spend time with their mothers, "recover" after the early delivery faster than their deprived of the attention of peers. Researchers have shown that the most beneficial for them is not even the psychological effect of staying close to her mother, and dermal contact with her. According to experts, in the same way is the situation with children born in due time, although this assumption is yet to be proven. Based on their observations, scientists have proposed a new method of treatment of premature babies, called "cangaroo care" ("method kangaroo"). Читать полностью -->

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