Discovered a substance that prevents infection by the AIDS

Discovered a substance that prevents infection by the AIDSDiscovered a substance that prevents infection by the AIDS Identified by the staff of the Institute of Virology at the University of Maryland, working under the direction of Robert Gallo, one of the pioneers of the study of HIV infection. A new substance belongs to the group of chemokines molecules by which cells exchange chemical signals. This is not the first of the known chemokines with protivopotokami properties, however, according to Gallo, the most powerful and universal. Scientists hope to use chemokines as vaccines create immunity to HIV infection. Source: Solvay Pharma. . Читать полностью -->

In Altai bitten by ticks is thousand people

In Altai bitten by ticks is  thousand peopleIn Altai bitten by ticks is 7 thousand people. About 7 thousand inhabitants of the Altai territory has suffered to date from tick bites. This is somewhat less than it was in the past, when for medical assistance about 10 thousand victims. To date, the region registered a 42 cases of tick-borne encephalitis. Fatal outcomes have not yet been. Source:Reuters and Madlena.Ru. Читать полностью -->

children, of abortion, miscarriages - the experience of -year-old girl

 children,  of abortion,  miscarriages - the experience of -year-old girl2 children, 3 of abortion, 5 miscarriages - the experience of 16-year-old girl Doctors found in South-East London - Camberwell - sixteen-year-old girl who was pregnant ten times, from the age of twelve she had five miscarriages, she made three abortion and gave birth to two children. The girl's name has not been disclosed. The doctors talked about it in an article published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections (sexually transmitted Diseases"). According to doctors, the prevalence of such diseases in Camberwell very high. A local hospital King's College hospital treats many pregnant young women and girls infected with venereal diseases. According to Sarah Creighton, who led the research, it was struck by the fact that young women are casual methods of contraception. Читать полностью -->

New hospital is protected from fakes

New hospital is protected from fakesFrom 1 August, the clinic will begin to issue medical certificates new model - they will be green, with additional security features. Old blue forms with the same time will be void. The corresponding order of the health Ministry signed by Mikhail Zurabov. In order emphasizes that it is necessary to inform "employers and workers". An employee who becomes ill after July 31 will have to ensure that the doctor gave him a sick leave it is on the green form. Personnel departments, subject to sick leave at the enterprises should also check their color. Читать полностью -->

out of HIV-infected women can give birth to a healthy baby

 out of  HIV-infected women can give birth to a healthy babyAccording to experts, in 98 cases out of a hundred HIV-infected woman can give birth to a healthy baby. With all the recommendations of doctors about the medication, the chance to give birth to a healthy baby HIV-infected woman is 98 out of 100, said Director of development and external relations of the regional public organization "Community of people living with HIV/AIDS" Michael Rukavishnikov on Thursday. The expert also told about the possible ways of HIV infection. "Eliminating contamination through the needle and sexually transmitted infections can be transmitted during childbirth, breastfeeding and operational interventions in health facilities," said Rukavishnikov. "When shaking hands, work in the same office, using the same dishes, the kiss transmission is impossible," he said. Experts believe that the media should pay more attention to the prevention of AIDS among the population. Читать полностью -->

Scandinavians will fight AIDS in Komi

Scandinavians will fight AIDS in KomiScandinavians will fight AIDS in Komi The Scandinavian countries will help Komi in the fight against drug addiction, AIDS and tuberculosis. Thanks to the program of cooperation in the framework of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (bear) Norway, Finland and Sweden will participate in the implementation of the five projects related to health. This decision participants of the consultative group bear health took during a recent meeting in Oslo. According to the Deputy Minister of health of the Republic of Nicholas Altman, back in may of this year they introduced the Council to bear the projects in five areas. These were programs to prevent the spread of tuberculosis, HIV, aid organizations addicts, children and adolescents, as well as on the implementation of telemedicine technologies. However, the Council agreed to help in the fight against TB and AIDS, because the epidemiological situation of these diseases, emerging in recent years, is the most dangerous. Читать полностью -->

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