the flu Epidemic was closer than expected!

the flu Epidemic was closer than expected!The diagnosis of SARS is more frequently found in the reports on the incidence of infectious diseases in the suburbs. And the increase in the number of cases of SARS is the first call that heralds the approach of epidemic influenza. In Moscow, Podolsk, Mytishchi, Noginsk districts to doctors with complaints of high fever, stuffy nose and sore throat refers to 200-250 people a day. Very warm weather this fall and winter really promotes growth of colds, and the flu epidemic may come in December (and not after the school holidays, as it was suggested earlier). In the capital upsurge of SARS not yet, have informed in the press service of the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision. And about the onset of the area said that this is not prevented. Читать полностью -->

Your perfect face

Your perfect faceRelatively recently in cosmetic practice has a new method - contour. This term refers to a fix number of cosmetic defects by subcutaneous injection of different gels. Due to the simplicity of the method, low morbidity and high security it is widespread and has become a good alternative to a number of plastic surgeries. What can you fix? First of all, it wrinkles and folds. Subcutaneous injection of a small amount of gel allows them to straighten out and thereby eliminate the age cosmetic defects. By injection of the gel very well aligned stuck scarring and deformation of the skin of different nature. Читать полностью -->

Fats in infant - pledge normal AD

Fats in infant - pledge normal ADAdd in the power of high molecular weight unsaturated fatty acids in the first months of life has a beneficial effect on blood pressure throughout life. In the study involving 235 participants, shows that children who were in the first 4 months of life breast-fed or fed milk mixture with the addition of high molecular weight unsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs), mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure at the age of b years was significantly lower than in children receiving infant formula not containing LCPUFAs. Therefore, sufficient intake of LCPUFAs in infancy is an important factor that has a positive effect on blood pressure in later life. Solvay Pharma (BMJ 2003;326:953-5). . . Читать полностью -->

Regular sex arguments for

Regular sex  arguments forRegular sex: 10 arguments for Sex is not only a gust of passion, but also a tangible benefit to each participant. Recent research in this area prove that... Regular (3-4 times a week) sex dramatically reduce the likelihood of heart attacks in men. Moreover, according to doctors, regular exercise is your key to longevity. During sex is a powerful release of endorphins - the "happiness hormone", which lowers the pain threshold. For men, in addition, there is an active production of testosterone - the male sex hormone that promotes bone. Читать полностью -->


LeishmaniasisLEISHMANIASIS is a parasitic disease caused by leyshmany. In humans occur in the following forms: 1). visceral leishmaniasis (Kala-Azar); 2). cutaneous leishmaniasis (a disease Borovsky, Penzenskaya ulcer); 3). mucocutaneous American leishmaniasis (espundia). Visceral leishmaniasis is characterized by prolonged fever, enlarged liver and spleen, severe leukopenia, anemia, progressive course. Читать полностью -->

Doctors intend to penalize negligent patients

Doctors intend to penalize negligent patientsEnglish doctors intend to seriously offended by their patients and even to start fining them. The reason is simple - in recent years, people too often forget about regular visits to doctors, which negatively affects their health. Moreover, such "forgetfulness" suffer not older patients, and representatives of the youngest age group. According to a study conducted by the NGO "Doctor Patient Partnership" together with the English Institute of health organization, every year, doctors at the appointed time is not come for more than 15 million people. Researchers survey of physicians showed that the majority (67%) believe the most avid "shirkers" representatives of the youngest age group - aged 16 to 34 years. 7.8% of doctors accused of the sin of people aged 45 to 54 years, 7.5% of people over 55 years of age. Читать полностью -->

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