A growing number of people suffering from senile dementia

A growing number of people suffering from senile dementiaA growing number of people suffering from senile dementia According to the results of a recent study, the number of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, has increased significantly. Under the supervision of British doctors at the present time is about 600 000 people. According to the forecasts of physicians, in the next 30-40 years, the number of patients will increase three times. As indicated by the observations of scientists, one in ten who turned 60 years old, has Alzheimer's, and only a third of sick people trying to fight the disease. Ben Griner, analyst neurology from Datamonitor reported that "the cure for the disease does not yet exist, but there are medicines that can slow down the development of Alzheimer's disease and to alleviate the suffering of the patient and his family members". The brain is primarily accompanied by memory loss, impaired articulation, lack of ability to perceive information and perform simple tasks. Читать полностью -->

a speech Defect is the result of errors of one gene

a speech Defect is the result of errors of one geneFinnish researchers have found a gene defect which leads to the development of such unpleasant diseases like dyslexia - violation reading and word recognition. Surveying 20 families whose members suffered from dyslexia, scientists drew attention to the gene, codenamed DYXC1. As it turned out, his defects occur in 80% of patients, which allows speculate about its role in the development of dyslexia. Scientists intend to check your data with the involvement of a larger number of patients and healthy people. If the results are confirmed, it will be possible to speak about the development of the test for the rapid diagnosis of the predisposition of the child to the development of dyslexia. BBC. Читать полностью -->

Spinal cord can grow again

Spinal cord can grow againSpinal cord can grow again Perhaps, in the near future, doctors will be able to help patients who remained paralyzed after a spinal injury, suffered from a stroke or degenerative diseases of the Central nervous system such as Parkinson's disease. French scientists have found a way to turn a substance that blocks the recovery of nerve fibers, such that stimulates this process. In this study, researchers led by Genevieve Ruan (Genevieve Rougon) from the University of Marseille studied the influence on the activity of the protein of semaphorin, which is found in the myelin sheath of nerve fibers. They synthesized a particular peptide, which, as it turned out, not only suppressed the inhibitory effect of semaphorin, but also led to activation of the recovery of the nerves. As explained by scientists, nerve cells v axons v are shaped by a series of attractive and repulsive signals. "We found a way to turn repulsive signals in attractive", - summed up Rougon. Читать полностью -->

Leather mixed

Leather mixedThese are two different type of skin on the face is dry and oily at the so-called T-shaped zone in the Central parts of the forehead, nose, chin is oily skin, cheeks - very dry. The difference between them is so big that you will need different products to care for the T-shaped zone is suitable cosmetics for oily inflamed skin, for cheeks - tools for dry. Causes of mixed skin In the area of the chin, nose and forehead, that is T-shaped area, is more sebaceous glands than in the cheeks. The sebaceous glands in these areas produce excess sebum, which is deposited on the surface in the form of a greasy film. The reason for this male hormone testosterones, stimulating the sebaceous glands. Small consolation: pronounced mixed leather in most cases occurs only in girls and young women. Читать полностью -->


ChorionicCHORIONIC - inflammation of the choroid, usually in combination with inflammation of the retina (chorioretinitis). Etiology: chronic and acute infectious diseases, eye injuries, complicated myopia. Pathogenesis: exogenous (in trauma) or endogenous introduction of the pathogen in the retinal vessels and then into the vascular sheath; a role played by microbial toxins, allergies, immunoassy. Symptoms. Reduction of vision, flickering before eyes (photopsia), the distortion of objects (metamorphopsia), scotomas in the visual field, peripheral localization process - blindness. In the fundus grayish or yellowish lesions with indistinct contours, prominere in the vitreous body. Читать полностью -->

Local cardiologists invented ointment for heart

Local cardiologists invented ointment for heartKazakhstan cardiologists in collaboration with scientists invented a salve for the heart, which will help people who have had a heart attack. "In the Kazakh research Institute of molecular biology and biochemistry at the request of cardiology has developed a special "smart" membrane to molecules of active drug," he told today co-Director of the project, senior research fellow at the Kazakhstan Institute of cardiology and internal diseases Alma Masharipov. "The result is very small, 1 micron, balls-vesicles, which are only in contact with the damaged cells and the active substance passes "right place," said Masharipov. These balls and included in the ointment. "Traditional medicine is widely used for the treatment of post-infarction conditions not give a great effect, because they can not penetrate into the damaged heart cells," said cardiologist. In the future these cells die, their place is tripe and heart can no longer function as before. Читать полностью -->

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