Presents new HIV medicine

Presents new HIV medicineA brand new drug called Fuzeon, released in the United Kingdom. This is the first really new drug for the last seven years. Now HIV is mainly used three drugs that fight the virus from the inside, after infection of the cells. Fuzeon also prevents the infiltration of white blood cells, preventing it from attaching to cell membranes. This will help to address the growing problem of adaptation of the virus to drugs used to fight it. Approximately 20% of the recently infected with HIV carry the virus mutant, which is almost immune to the medication. Читать полностью -->

Onishchenko avian influenza in the Novosibirsk region is not dangerous

Onishchenko avian influenza in the Novosibirsk region is not dangerousThe outbreak of avian influenza among poultry in the village of Suzdalka Dovolenskij district of the Novosibirsk region, is not dangerous to humans. This was announced at a press conference on Tuesday, the chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko. According to preliminary data, we can talk about the H5N2 virus, the infected people are not outlined in the world medical practice. As said Gennady Onishchenko, just died 1135 poultry, the total number of feathered inhabitants of the lakes in the area which was recorded outbreak, about 34 thousand. At the present time there are specialists of FSUE "State research center of Virology and biotechnology Vector, and the emergency anti-epidemic Commission - in case of danger, people will still be detected. The source of the incursion into the territory of Russia became migratory birds - wild ducks wintering in South-East Asia. Читать полностью -->

Women don't want to give birth

Women don't want to give birthThe birth rate in Japan fell to a record low: now one hundred Japanese women have statistically 132 children, says the report of the Ministry of health. Demographers believe that the population will peak in 2005 and then begin to decline. The reason for this is the change in the behavior of Japanese women who are now more concerned about their professional career to the detriment of the family. The average Japanese woman is now married 27 years, and acquires the first child at the age of 28. Simultaneously with the fall in the birth rate of the Japanese population is constantly growing older, and this puts into question the stability of the society, which may be unable to support their elderly relatives. The paradox is that, according to today's message of the Ministry of Finance of the country, Japan has set a new world record for the amount of foreign exchange reserves. Читать полностью -->

the Golden rules of the American diet

the Golden rules of the American dietPublic opinion polls conducted in the United States, show that in recent years, approximately 30% of men and 45% of women regularly or periodically, follow a diet. The United States is considered one of the most rich countries in the world: 300 thousand Americans die each year due to illnesses caused by obesity. 60% of US residents have excess weight, about 20% of them are obese. Every year in the United States are hundreds of books with new diets, they find buyers. In the vast majority they do not contain anything new. Specialists diets almost unanimously recommend to reduce calories and increase physical activity. Читать полностью -->

Medical Bulletin

Medical BulletinMedical Bulletin Training-practical journal. Electronic version of the publication for students and doctors. Full-text articles.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Modern society struck chronic fatigue syndrome

Modern society struck chronic fatigue syndromeToday, schools give students the long vacation, and company employees that the longest vacation. Housewives use the various machines that are washed, ironed and washed the dishes, in the cities there is no shortage of elevators and escalators. However, it is terrible to think, as we get tired, writes the French newspaper Le Temps (the translation on the website In Switzerland, 28% of pupils aged 11 to 16 years feel "exhausted" (chronically tired). This is evidenced by the results of a study on the health status of adolescents conducted by the magazine SMASH (Swiss Multicenter Adolescent Survey). Attending physician, from 20 to 30% of patients complain of the same problem. Читать полностью -->

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