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Feeding of premature infants

Feeding of premature infantsWhat is the role of the nurse in maintaining lactation in mothers? The ideal nutritional product for a baby is breast milk, so the nurse should make every effort to help the mother to maintain lactation and to convince other family members in creating the most favorable conditions. What mode of feeding is most suitable for premature babies? It is advisable to observe the feeding regime initiated in the hospital or in the office of premature, i.e., 7-time feeding every 3 hours with night break in 6 hours. In case of insufficient lactation nurse is obliged to report this to the doctor and spend weighing child at different times of the day (3-4 times). The missing quantity of milk filled milk powder. How can I calculate the amount of milk needed preterm newborn? The number of milk per day is determined by calorie calculation: for the 10-14th day of the premature infant, you must provide 100-120 kcal per 1 kg of body weight of the child per day, and 1 month to 140 kcal/kg at 2 months of age calculation of calories is based on weight at birth. Children born with a weight of 1500 g should get 130-135 kcal kg per day, whereas underweight (weight at birth up to 1500 g) need 140 kcal/kg up to 3 months of age, and by 4-6 months - 130 kcal/kg Here is an example calculation power on caloric content. Читать полностью -->

percent of Americans lung cancer is not threatened

 percent of Americans lung cancer is not threatenedAbout 8 percent of Americans have a gene that protects them from lung cancer, even if they smoke. This was stated by the researcher, National Institute for environmental studies Dr. Stephanie London. According to her, the Savior of cancer when Smoking is one of the varieties of a gene that controls the synthesis of the enzyme myeloperoxidase. When present in the chromosome of a particular form of this gene, the risk of developing lung cancer even with intensive Smoking is reduced by 54 percent. Solvay Pharma.ru. Читать полностью -->

Discovered a substance that prevents infection by the AIDS

Discovered a substance that prevents infection by the AIDSDiscovered a substance that prevents infection by the AIDS Identified by the staff of the Institute of Virology at the University of Maryland, working under the direction of Robert Gallo, one of the pioneers of the study of HIV infection. A new substance belongs to the group of chemokines molecules by which cells exchange chemical signals. This is not the first of the known chemokines with protivopotokami properties, however, according to Gallo, the most powerful and universal. Scientists hope to use chemokines as vaccines create immunity to HIV infection. Source: Solvay Pharma. . Читать полностью -->

In Altai bitten by ticks is thousand people

In Altai bitten by ticks is  thousand peopleIn Altai bitten by ticks is 7 thousand people. About 7 thousand inhabitants of the Altai territory has suffered to date from tick bites. This is somewhat less than it was in the past, when for medical assistance about 10 thousand victims. To date, the region registered a 42 cases of tick-borne encephalitis. Fatal outcomes have not yet been. Source:Reuters and Madlena.Ru. Читать полностью -->

children, of abortion, miscarriages - the experience of -year-old girl

 children,  of abortion,  miscarriages - the experience of -year-old girl2 children, 3 of abortion, 5 miscarriages - the experience of 16-year-old girl Doctors found in South-East London - Camberwell - sixteen-year-old girl who was pregnant ten times, from the age of twelve she had five miscarriages, she made three abortion and gave birth to two children. The girl's name has not been disclosed. The doctors talked about it in an article published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections (sexually transmitted Diseases"). According to doctors, the prevalence of such diseases in Camberwell very high. A local hospital King's College hospital treats many pregnant young women and girls infected with venereal diseases. According to Sarah Creighton, who led the research, it was struck by the fact that young women are casual methods of contraception. Читать полностью -->

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