About the life and death of hair

About the life and death of hairGrowing hair is not continuous, and cycles. The period of hair growth (anagen phase) from two to six years. Then in the transition phase (catagen phase), which lasts about 2 weeks, the hair stops growing. In the last (telenovas) phase, which lasts 3-4 months, the hair becomes kolloidnyi, papilla its become empty, onion loses power, it becomes spindle-shaped similar to an inverted fir-cone. After that, within 60-90 days hair falls out. In its place grows a new hair from the remaining papilla or from the newly formed papilla and bulbs. Читать полностью -->


PseudotuberculosisPSEUDOTUBERCULOSIS is an acute infectious disease group Anosov characterized by fever, General intoxication, lesions of the small intestine, liver, often skarlatinopodobnym rash. Infection occurs primarily through nutritional. Etiology, pathogenesis. Pathogen-Yersinia - gram-negative Bacillus with bipolar staining; without capsules, does not form spores. On the antigenic properties has similarities with the plague and intestinal yersiniosis. Well is saved in the external environment, in particular on products of up to 3 months. Читать полностью -->

Young American women were fond of steroids

Young American women were fond of steroidsU.S. scientists are concerned about the number of girls who take anabolic steroids, designed for professional bodybuilders, is not to build a sports career. Since the age of 9 girls start to take drugs to have the same shapes as those of models and movie stars. Professor Charles Yesalis from the University of Pennsylvania, notes that since the mid 90-ies of the past is constantly growing consumption of drugs based on testosterone girls. Moreover, according to other studies, these girls there are different kinds of eating disorders. In General, up to 5% of female students and 7% of girls of the middle classes try anabolic steroids at least once. Читать полностью -->

Cysts and fistulas of the neck side

Cysts and fistulas of the neck sideCYSTS AND FISTULAS of the NECK LATERAL arise from embryonic remnants of the Gill arches or the third pharyngeal pocket. More often unilateral. On the front surface of the sternocleidomastoid muscle is determined by the tight elastic painless education, the mobility of which is somewhat limited. The cyst is often already determined at birth. Diagnosis is easier when the puncture and the contrast enhancement of the cyst or sinus, with clearly defined the size of the cyst, and when the fistula is its course and communication with the oral cavity (above or below the tonsils). Coverage fistulous course facilitates diagnosis. Читать полностью -->


SchizophreniaSCHIZOPHRENIA is having a progressive disease characterized by progressive personality changes (autism, emotional depletion, the emergence of oddities and eccentricities), other negative changes (dissociation of mental activity, thought disorder, falling energy potential) and various severity and intensity of productive psychopathological symptoms (affective, nevrose and psychopathic, delusional, hallucinatory, gebefrennyh, catatonic). Etiology, pathogenesis of schizophrenia is poorly understood. Play an important role konstitucionalna-genetic factors such as gender and age of patients. The most severe form of the disease found predominantly in men, less progredient course for women. Schizophrenia, beginning in adolescence, is more malignant than in adults. The symptoms depend on the stage of development and form of the disease. Читать полностью -->

Sleep less - live longer

Sleep less - live longerSleep less - live longer From a study conducted by Daniel Kripke (Daniel Kripke of the University of California at San Diego, which was attended by more than 1.1 million people, it is necessary that those who sleep more than 8 hours per day may have a higher risk of dying over the next six years than someone who spends sleep less time, even if it's just 5 hours. For women who usually sleep for 10 hours, the risk of dying at 41% higher for sasang-men - at 34%, compared to those who sleep on average from 6.5 to 7.4 hours. However, the research does not follow a clear dependence of the life span from time of sleep. According to Mr. Kripke, on average, Americans sleep 6.5 hours, and research shows that they do not need to spend eight hours of sleep is not necessary for health. Source:E-News. Читать полностью -->

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