Skin fungi

Skin fungiItchy rash can occur for many reasons, one of which is a fungal infection, especially if the itchy area, constantly exposed to excessive moisture: crotch, feet (including between the toes), sometimes the armpits. Fungi can infect any part of the body, but in dry places itching much less. Severely itchy rash on chest, shoulders, and other dry areas of the skin may be the result of local exposure to irritating chemicals, and a strong itch, most likely indicates an Allergy. Both cases require the attention of a doctor. WHAT FUNGI ARE AND WHERE THEY COME FROM Normal skin fungi (athlete's foot, inguinal athlete's foot, athlete's foot or athlete's foot) infect only humans. These microorganisms are so common that almost every one of us carries several billions of fungi living on the skin in the vicinity of constantly living ibid bacteria. Читать полностью -->

Diffuse diseases of connective tissue

Diffuse diseases of connective tissueGroup of diseases characterized by systemic type of inflammation of different organs, combined with autoimmune and immune complex processes, vibrationresistant. Their peculiarity is multifactorial type predilection with a specific role of immunogenetic factors. The main nozologicheskie form: lupus red system, dermatomyositis, systemic scleroderma, mixed connective tissue disease, Sjogren syndrome.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The urologist Sergey Vladimirovich Warsaw

The urologist Sergey Vladimirovich WarsawThe urologist Sergey Vladimirovich Warsaw Passed thematic specialization in andrology, Urogynecology. Has a state certificate in the specialty of urology, he was awarded the "higher" qualification category of the doctor-urologist. Under the guidance of a member. Corr. Russian Academy of medical Sciences, Professor Y. A. Читать полностью -->

In Nizhny Novgorod outbreak of hepatitis waned

In Nizhny Novgorod outbreak of hepatitis wanedIn Nizhny Novgorod there has been a steady decrease in the incidence of viral hepatitis A. For the last day the number of people admitted to hospital with suspected hepatitis a, amounted to 54 people, and was discharged after treatment 58 people. "For the first time the number of recovered exceeded the number of cases, and this is encouraging," said Director of the city health Department Vladimir Lazarev. According to him, since the beginning of the outbreak, the city had registered 1044 case of viral hepatitis a, however, today in hospitals are treated 864 person. 180 people have already recovered. Doctors continue vaccination. Читать полностью -->

Hysterical syndrome

Hysterical syndromeHYSTERICAL SYNDROME most often occurs in extreme or conflict situations; includes reversible in nature disorders, characterized by a variety of symptoms and their combinations, and often mimic the symptoms of various neurological and somatic disorders (paresis, paralysis, hyperkinesia, Algie, anesthesia, blindness, deafness, muscle cramps, fainting, seizures, bright figurative vision, disorders of consciousness and others). The hallmark of hysterical symptoms is theatricality, demonstrative manifestations. Their appearance is often accompanied by rapid, usually inadequate power psychogenic stimulus, the expression of feelings and excessive affectation - hysterical fit, which lasts from several minutes to several hours and is characterized by a variety of musculoskeletal manifestations, sometimes bending the whole body based on the nape of the neck and the heel ("hysterical arc"), shouting and weeping, autonomic disorders and numbness. Unlike an epileptic seizure when hysterical paroxysms not experience a sudden fall (sick descend gradually stored by the reaction of pupils to light, as well as ciliary and corneal reflexes, usually not bite language and involuntary urination. Hysterical symptoms can be combined with other neurotic manifestations-such as phobias, obsessions, selectoptions-hypochondriac and affective disorders. Hysterical symptoms are often observed at the Psychotrauma reactive psychosis, neurosis), but may also occur in other diseases (schizophrenia, involutional psychoses and other). Читать полностью -->

Portable determinant of the level of antioxidants in human blood a great success

Portable determinant of the level of antioxidants in human blood a great successPortable determinant of the level of antioxidants in human blood a great success. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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