New weapon to fight obesity

New weapon to fight obesityResearchers from the University of Cincinnati USA have discovered a new property of one of the drugs previously used in patients with epilepsy - topiramate (topitamate). This drug has proven effective in the treatment of obesity caused by pathologically increased appetite. Average weight loss in patients over the course amounted to 5.9 kg, there was also a decrease in the intensity bouts of hunger. Russian hardcover. . . Читать полностью -->

American soldiers in Iraq are dying from heatstroke

American soldiers in Iraq are dying from heatstrokeThe strength of the U.S.-British coalition are in Iraq losses not only in clashes with the Iraqi resistance. According to the operative data of the press-service of CENTCOM (Central command of the U.S. armed forces), common on Sunday, on Saturday in the barracks of the 2nd infantry regiment was found dead American soldier. The cause of his death is still unknown. Is under investigation. As reported in other operational summary of CENTCOM, while patrolling in the area North of the city Hell-Diwaniya from sunstroke died of American soldiers. Читать полностью -->

Catatonic syndromes

Catatonic syndromesCATATONIC SYNDROMES occur with a prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders - stupor or excitement, often replacing each other. Most often observed in schizophrenia, but can also occur in symptomatic and organic psychosis. Catatonic stupor is manifested by immobility, increased muscle tone, complete silence (mutism). In some cases the patient for a long time preserves his position (waxy flexibility), in other any attempt to change the posture of the patient causes its sharp impedance (negativism), sometimes the patient resists the attempts to feed him. Catatonic excitement is ridiculous, foolish behavior; expressed by affectation, grimasnichanem, unmotivated laughter, meaningless stereotyped movements, repetition of words and movements of others. Patients impulsive, aggressive, easily fall into a state of rage, suddenly jump up, try to hit. Читать полностью -->

Yoga is dangerous for health

Yoga is dangerous for healthYoga is dangerous for health American doctors and chiropractors are seriously concerned about the growing number of injuries that people get when practicing yoga, especially the "speed" of its kind, the so-called "power yoga", which is more and more popular in the last few years. As mentioned specialists, this has not happened since the 80's, when Jane Fonda beginning of the popularization of aerobics. Correspondents Boston Globe, giving this issue the place in the latest issue, give an example of a few "victims" Hobbies yoga. Thus, the 30-year-old man needed surgery after he injured the knee joint, the woman with extensive experience in the "classic" yoga injured his neck after playing with the new "guru", and another man injured nerve and lost sensitivity on the thigh. According to some estimates yoga is now the fastest growing form of group physical activity in the United States. According to the edition of Yoga Journal, yoga there are 18 million people, and in 1998 there were seven million. Читать полностью -->

What is qi?

What is qi?To understand qigong, you must first understand the nature of qi. Qi is the energy or natural force that fills the Universe. There are three main types of qi. Heaven (heaven, or the Universe) corresponds to the Heavenly qi (Tian qi), consisting of forces acting on the Earth by the heavenly bodies - such as the light of the Sun and moon, as well as the influence of the moon on the sea and tides. The earth is Earthly qi (di qi), which suffers the influence of the Heavenly qi, absorbing it. Man meets Man qi (Ren qi), which is influenced by the previous two types of qi. Читать полностью -->

Chase fatigue tea with pepper

Chase fatigue tea with pepperDespite the fact that winter has only just begun, we increasingly feel typical for this time of year fatigue, accompanied by poor health, decreased performance, fatigue, lethargy, apathy, and all sorts of ailments. As a rule, all these symptoms in the spring will develop incrementally. In order not to give them the opportunity to take the better of you, we must now take urgent action. Of COURSE, you can overcome fatigue, taking various stimulant medications, but in the end it will lead to pathological changes in the organism. Therefore it is better to fight fatigue safer, but no less effective ways. Usually fatigue is a protective reaction of an organism to a long and hard work. Читать полностью -->

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